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Our 2020 Training Calender

SN Course Title Target Course Fee per participant (N) Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
1 Building Effective Health, Safety & Environment Management System (HSE MS) All Staff 35,000.00 14-15 4-th 2-3rd 1-2nd 8-9th
2 Scaffolding Safety Course Technicians, Scaffolders 65,000.00 5-6th 1-2nd 1-2nd 3-4th 7-8th 7-8th
3 Industrial Fire Fighting Course Fire Fighting, Security & Technical Personnel 75,000.00 6-7th 3-4th
4 Managing Occupational Health & Safety Mgt. for Snr. Mgrs CEOs, Mgrs 75,000.00 11-12th 6-7th 3-4th
5 Basic Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting. All Staff 25,000.00 11th 7th 14th
6 Forklift or Crane Safety Course Experienced Forklift/Crane Operators 65,000.00 18th 15th 8th 6th
7 Basic First Aid Training All Staff 35,000.00 14-15th 9-10th 10-11th
8 Behavioural Safety Course All Staff 30,000.00 13th-14th
9 Electrical Safety Course Technical Personnnel 35,000.00 10th 11th 11th
10 Working at a Height Safety Course Technical Riggers 35,000.00 13th 15th 7th 5th
11 Staff General Safety Awareness Course All Staff 30,000.00 26th 4th
12 Managing Stress in the Workplace All Staff 25,000.00 10th
13 Safe driving/Fleet Management Safety Course Drivers, Fleet / Transport Mgrs 45,000.00 16th 7th
14 Emergency Response and Preparedness All Staff 30,000.00 16th 6th 12th 12th
15 Food Safety and Personal Hygiene Course Food Handlers Technicians 35,000.00 19th 20th 13th
16 HSE Risk Assessment, Analysis & Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Safety/Production Mgrs etc. 45,000.00 18th-19th 22-23rd 16-17th 15-16th
17 Managing Occupational Health, Safety & Security (HSSE) in the workplace All Staff 35,000.00 21-22nd 17-18th
18 Introduction to Quality Management System (QMS) All Staff 30,000.00 9th 22nd 22nd
19 Fundamentals of Process Safety Management (PSM) All Staff 75,000.00 25-26th
20 Hand and Power Tools Safety Course Technicians 25,000.00 22nd
21 Managing Ergonomics/Repetitive Strain Injuries in the workplace All Staff 25,000.00 27th 28th 4th
22 Permit to work (PTW) System Course Technical / Safety / Facility Mgrs 30,000.00 21st 24th 15th 15th
23 Lock Out & Tag Out (LOTO) safety procedure as a means of accident prevention in the workplace Technician, Foremen & Supervisors 15,000.00 23rd 29th 19th
24 Rigging Safety Course Crane/Forklift Operations/Rigger 65,000.00 27-28th 27-28th 24-25th
25 Accident, Prevention, Reporting & Investigation All Staff 35,000.00 27th 25th 1st 1st
26 Confined Space Entry Safety Course Operational Staff 30,000.00 27th
27 Construction Safety Operational Staff 50,000.00 11-12th 5-6th 5-6th
28 Hydrogen Sulphide Operations 45,000 every month every month every month every month every month every month every month every month every month every month every month every month
29 5S Good Housekeeping Principle All staff 25,000 18th 15th 12th
30 Loss Prevention and Process Safety Mgt Course Operations 195,000.00 20-24th 21-25th
31 Hazards and Operability Studies(HAZOPS) Course Operations etc 195,000.00 29-31st 24-26th
32 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Course Operations, HSE, Environ Mgrs 150,000.00 19-21st 9-11th 18-20th 26-28th 26-28th
33 Introduction to Environmental and Waste Management System (EMS) Operations, HSE, Environ Mgrs 75,000.00 14-15th 30-31st 5-6th 5-6th
34 Forklift or Crane Safety Course for Learners/Beginners Beginners 100,000 10-14th 4-8th 8-12th 10-14th 19-23rd 27-31st 18-22nd 18-22nd
35 Chemical and Laboratory Safety Course Operations personnel, lab, Chemical handlers & 45,000 16th 17th 17-18th 29-30th
36 Every month
37 Abrasive Wheels Safety Course Technical personnel 45,000.00 13th 29th 5th 23rd
38 Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation Safety Course for Telecoms Industries Telecoms Technicians 65,000.00 3-4th 14-15th 9-10th
39 Boiler Safety Course Operations & Boiler Engineers 75,000.00 21-22nd 26-27th 18-19th 18-19th
40 Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis HSE, Operations etc 75,000.00 29-30th 26-27th 3-4th 3-4th
41 Building and Effective Safety Management System in the Hospitals Medical personnel 35,000.00 17-18th 7-8th 16-17th
42 Managing Occupational Health and Safety in the Police Force Police Officers 75,000.00 AS required
43 Aviation Fueling Safety Course Aviation Fuelling team 45,000.00 12th 5th 8th 26th 2nd 11th 15th 15th
44 Security and Crime Prevention and Mgt Course Security personnel 45,000.00 28th 1st
45 Tower Climbing Safety Course telecoms personnel 75,000.00 17-18th 25-26th 18-19th 17-18th
46 Building and Effective Safety Mgt System in the School Environment Proprietors, teachers 35,000.00 17-18th 7-8th 16-17th

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