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Business succeeds because of the individual behaviour of the employer and employees towards managing health, safety and environment in their workplace.

Over the years, Rholuck have seen how improved occupational health, safety and environmental culture (including preventing injuries, saving lives and enabling a more productive workforce and more productive plants) enhance a company’s bottom line. That is because when resources are more efficiently used, production and company operations run more efficiently with enhanced profitability. All of these factors demonstrate the key truth that “Safety Excellence means Business Excellence”. No company can excel until it makes safety a way of doing business.

The annual cost of injuries and incidents is significant. Some costs are clearly visible. Experience has shown that every year from the past witnessed cases of fire incidents and accidents which have led to loss of lives, properly damage, and huge financial loss to the investors leading to business discontinuity. These costs can be multiplied again when one considers the costs to repair and replace damaged equipment and the opportunity cost of foregone production resulting from the unexpected disruption of operations. Often, many of these indirect costs are treated as hidden costs and as such represent a significant burden on the “bottom line” of many organisations.

As a company with global consulting business portfolio focusing on Workplace Safety and Operational Excellence, Rholuck Services is well positioned to observe macro-trends that are changing the business environment. Increasingly, Rholuck Services regards safety and operational excellence as top priorities for growth-oriented companies around the world. Rholuck Services have observed many companies’ continued to struggle with profitability and sustainability while experiencing avoidable injuries to people and damage to equipment and assets. Things turned with our safety interventions.

As our world becomes more connected and competitive, and as societal expectations of employers and contractors continue to rise around the world, Rholuck Services expects the trend towards safety and operational excellence to continue well into the foreseeable future. This trend will be fuelled as more and more companies realize that in the long term, business excellence and safety excellence are closely related and not in conflict.

Embracing a safety culture is hard work. Unlike driving other business parameters, champions of Occupational Health, Safety may face the added challenge of having to help the work force see safety performance as having the same level of importance as production, cost or schedule. Reaching the goal of zero accident will occur only when all stakeholders are pulled together by a common purpose of vision. The common goal for both employees and contractors in all industries is the wellness and safety of all workers. Significant differences can be made by embracing Occupational Health and Safety leadership as a strategic business value. In the conduct of business in a global economy, safety is not optional.

Rholuck Services was incorporated because of the stiff challenges in occupational health, safety and environmental management in our industries. We render quality occupational health, safety and environmental consultancy services and trainings to your workforce. Rholuck Services is the choice you cannot afford to neglect. Let us build your occupational health safety and environmental management.

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We are Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Consultants (FMEnv, NESREA, NOSDRA, LASEPA, RISEPA, ITF, OGEPA, NIPEX, DPR, CMD, OGTAN Accredited).


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