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Fire Safety


Rholuck Services Nigeria Ltd. conducts Life & Fire Safety Audit/Assessment Reports for buildings. Fire & Life Safety Assessment & Report is one of the veritable management tools for assessing the fire risks inherent in a building designs and fire emergency response plan in compliance with NFPA fire safety standards & regulations. It also assesses the potential safety/fire risks that are likely to be caused by the implementation and usage of such facility(ies). Fire & Life Safety Report is designed to inspire you to get involved, and to challenge you to work for change in parts of your neighbourhood where you or your neighbours feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Fire & Life Safety Report are just one way to improve community safety.


The goal of a Fire & Life Safety Report is to identify and, if possible, to improve an environment, facility etc to make it safer and less threatening for its users. The objectives of the Fire & Life Safety Report are to ascertain whether:


Fire Suppression Agent – FM 200

Once a fire has been detected, it must be suppressed quickly in order to minimize the damage caused to your business. Several seconds could be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a business destroying catastrophic fire. This is why Rholuck recommends the use of FM-200 Waterless Fire Protection Systems to protect your critical assets.

Four Reasons to Choose FM-200:

  1. Rapid Extinguishment
    FM-200 system discharge in 10 seconds or less and will stop ordinary combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage. This is the most rapid protection available. Rapid extinguishment means less damage and lower repair costs – less disruption to your business.

  2. No Collateral Damage
    You want to avoid damage, not cause it. You want to reduce downtime, not lengthen it. FM-200® is a clean agent. It doesn't leave behind any residues so it won't cause collateral damage to the property or equipment you seek to protect. FM-200® - waterless fire protection

  3. Safe for People
    The safety of you and your employees is the highest priority. That is why FM-200® is the wise choice. FM-200® does not deplete oxygen levels so it is safe for use in occupied areas. In fact, FM-200® is so safe that the same chemical is used as a propellant in medical inhalers, such as those used to dispense asthma medication.

  4. Compact Storage
    FM-200® systems take up less storage space than most other fire extinguishing agents. In fact FM-200® system can take up to seven times less storage than systems using carbon dioxide or inert gas

FM-200 Applications

Because it is safe, clean, odourless gas, it is ideally suited to protect :

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We are Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Consultants (FMEnv, NESREA, NOSDRA, LASEPA, RISEPA, ITF, OGEPA, NIPEX, DPR, CMD, OGTAN Accredited).


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